The Grand Directions Way

Extensive field evaluation and reservoir engineering to maximize the profit from your fields.

Drilling is the Last Thing We Do

Grand Directions is not a contractor.

Grand Directions does not enter into a project to do the work as a contractor. All of our projects are developed with Grand Directions as an equity partner . We make the decision to invest in your project only after our engineers perform a rigorous evaluation. This evaluation leads to reservoir simulations that, in conjunction with projected drilling costs, help our management team determine if horizontal drilling of a reservoir will be a profitable project.

The key to drilling cost-effective, profitable, horizontal wells is selecting projects with a high probability of producing significant reserves and keeping the well costs in check.

Simply put, to increase the chances of a well meeting this criteria, there are two basic things to consider:

  • The cost to drill and complete the wells
  • The amount of oil and gas produced from the well once it is drilled

Finding the answers to those variables is where Grand Directions' experience and expertise sets us apart.

Evaluation of each project starts with the reservoir. After reviewing and considering hundreds of potential reservoirs for horizontal drilling, our engineers have developed a thorough understanding of what types of projects are likely to result in profitable reservoir development opportunities.

Our team of experts gathers reliable information on a potential project that allows our engineers to make reasonable estimates of various reservoir parameters related to productivity. Core information, production data and historical operating history, well logs (porosity, induction, gamma ray, sonic, etc), data related to fracture existence, and overall permeability are considered among other variables when determining if a project will be a candidate for development.

We use reliable horizontal drilling techniques and tools developed by Grand Directions, along with science and engineering to select only "high grade" development projects to pursue.

As a partner, Grand Directions is a participant, working toward the profitable drilling and operation of your project. Our engineers and drilling professionals plan projects that maximize the reserve recovery and profit generated from a project. We have also developed various logging tools to better understand well performance after drilling is completed. Primary and secondary recovery evaluations are also conducted to delineate the well performance.