Here's How It Works

Sharing the risks.

Use Our Expertise to Maximize Your Profit

Grand Directions works with your personnel to identify horizontal drilling candidates. Prior to any project evaluation, a contract will be signed that outlines the terms and conditions of our business relationship.

Our engineers, working in cooperation with your staff, gather production, geologic, and reservoir information to build an accurate reservoir model. Based on the complete project evaluation, a horizontal well location is chosen.

We will prepare an AFE (Authority for Expenditure) which will detail the costs of directional drilling and completing the proposed horizontal wellbore. This AFE will stipulate which costs will be paid by the owner/operator and which costs will be paid by Grand Directions.

Either a new well is drilled or a reentry candidate is identified and prepared. Grand Directions drills the curve and lateral portions of the well then returns the well back to the operator for completion.