Grand Directions provides a full complement of horizontal drilling services and much more.

Shifting the Risk / Reward Balance

Grand Directions starts with the reservoir. Our team of engineers and geologists evaluate your reservoir to determine if the application of horizontal wells will result in a profitable investment. If the project evaluation process indicates that horizontal drilling will result in a profitable project, services continue to the selection of the proper drilling technologies to maximize the productivity of the wells.

Grand Directions shoulders the costs of drilling the curve and lateral portion of the well in exchange for an equity share of the hydrocarbon produced from the horizontal wells we drill. We are not interested in drilling your well and sending you a bill...we are a partner that brings the engineering expertise (reservoir evaluation, project planning, and drilling) to maximize the value of your reservoirs.

After drilling is complete, Grand Directions has the tools and techniques to log short, medium and long radius wellbores to delineate reservoir parameters that further define the success of the project.

Grand Directions is a long term partner in the development of your reservoirs. We continue to run reservoir simulations during the production life cycle of your fields to modify the reservoir model to determine any operational changes necessary to maximize the reserve recovery and long term profit generated by the project.