Before We Drill

Preparation is essential.

Engineer Away Potential Problems

Prior to selecting a project, Grand Directions' professionals evaluate every aspect of your reservoir, including past operations of the field, such as primary and secondary recovery operations, well completion methods and thorough reservoir analyses. Our evaluation includes the following:

  • Historical field evaluation and well completion methods
  • Geological engineering and simulation
  • Core studies and log evaluation

Our group will then digitize the above reservoir information and submit it for reservoir simulation. This simulation will determine the following:

  • Number of horizontal wells necessary to maximize hydrocarbon recovery
  • Sufficient reservoir rock strength for open hole completions
  • Primary and/or secondary recovery using horizontal wells
  • Lateral length and well spacing
  • Cash flow projections and expected profit from each reservoir

If the project evaluation process indicates that a horizontal well could recover significant reserves at a profit, our engineers will begin the project development and planning process. During the planning stage, we address many questions, including the following:

  • Can the horizontal well be drilled from an existing wellbore?
  • Does a new well need to be drilled?
  • What type of drill bits are required?
  • Does the well require a short, medium, or long radius curve?
  • Are there any historic drilling problems that need to be addressed?
  • What circulating medium should be used for drilling the curve portion of the well?
  • Can underbalanced drilling be utilized?